Revolver Magazine Features Nadja in Feb/March Issue “The 25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock”.

No #16 Nadja Peulen, Coal Chamber’s second Bass Player,joined the Los Angeles Nu-Metal act in 1999. But the group was consumed by drug addiction and broke up a couple years later. Now, the members have reconciled for a whole new chapter of insanity. “One of the scariest moments for me was when a fan climbed on stage at Harpos, Detroit, which was a very high stage” she says. The guy held onto my ankle while he was being pushed back into the crowd by security and nearly pilled me down with him”. But it’s not always the fans causing chaos. “(drummer) Mikey threw a snare into the crowd after the show and hit this armless girl right in the face.” Peulen says. ” I mean what are the odds?.”

Revolver Magazine 2015 Calendar Featuring Nadja for the month of August 2015.

Revolver Magazine “The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock”
2015 Calendar featuring Nadja out now!


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